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The switch disconnector GT-GLOBE TECHNICS with and without fuses are suitable for making and breaking on load and disconnecting low voltage electrical circuits.

GT swotches commonly used for the following purposes:
• main switch
• switch for motors
• switch disconnector
• safety switch
The version type GT-FP with fuses it carry out the protection functions against the short circuits and overload system and machines

• rated insulation voltage 1000V AC and 1500V DC
• 2-3-4 poles available
• each phase pole phase and the operating mechanism can be mounted in any position
• terminals with front or rear connections or with a both combination
• high breaking capacity (AC22, AC23, IEC 60947-3)
• high electrical and mechanical endurance
• double break contacts
• totally insulated when opened switch
• suitable for DIN-BS fuses
• self cleaning contacts
• contact position positively indicated by the handle
• visibility of fixing and moving contacts by means of windows
• side and frontal indipendent manual operation
• solid neutral version available
• full neutral current
• suitable protection to prevent accidental touching of the live parts
• casing in self-extinguishing (VO-UL94), low hygroscopic and high mechanical resistance isolating material
• resistant to damp heat (IEC 68-2)
• external double insulated handle with door interlock in ON position, IP65 degree of protection, padlockable with three padlocks in OFF position
• direct handle padlockable in off position
• adjustable shaft
• max 4NO+4NC auxiliary signaling contacts and max 2NO+2NC pre-break auxiliary contacts
• wide range of accessories
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